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kyo_x_ruki's Journal

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Kyo x Ruki - because fucking on a bed is overrated
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This is a fanfiction-community dedicated to the FICTIONAL pairing of Kyo from Dir en grey and Ruki from Gazette. You can post fanfiction, fanart, graphics, vids etc, as long as they have something to do with either Kyo, Ruki or the KyoxRuki/RukixKyo-pairing.

This is a friendly comm, but we have rules. (OH NOEZ)

1. Flaming is not tolerated. If you don't like the pairing; GTFO. If you don't like someone's fic; keep quiet or offer constructive criticism.

2. Your fic is allowed to have other pairings, but the main pairing should of course be Kyo/Ruki and/or Ruki/Kyo.

3. All genres and ratings are okay. Seriously. If you want to write a supernatural horror AU rated NC-17 we won't stop ya! Knock yourself out :D

4. All fics and big graphics should be put under an LJ-cut. <*lj-cut text="Blah blah"*> Just remove the asterisks.

5. Promotion is okay as long as they're at least related to Gazette and/or Dir en grey. And don't spam, we saw your post the first time! If you want to promote something and is unsure whether or not it's appropiate for to post in this community, email me (Kiri). My email is listed further down on the info-page.

6. Betas and spellchecks are your friends; use them if you know that your English is bad.

7. Please put a subject line on your fics, such as '[name of fic - chapter (ex. 1/12, 1/? or 1/1 if oneshot)].

8. Friends lock all fics/fanart-entries that have a rating above R. This is just to be safe and sure now that LJ has gone kinda batshit over fanfiction/fanart.

Please fill out this form, before the lj-cut, to write a fanfic:

Title: [obvious, right?]
Author: [your LJ-name here]
Chapters: [is it a oneshot or will there be more?]
Genre: [angst, fluff, AU, romance, PWP, horror etc]
Rating/warnings: [G, PG, PG-13, PG-15, R, NC-17 / warn for things like; graphic sex, BDSM, death, rape etc]
Band(s): [put Dir en grey, Gazette and if there are more bands in it, write them too]
Pairing(s): [KyoxRuki/RukixKyo is granted, but if there are more pairings mention them too]
Summary: [what is the story about? and please don't write just 'I suck at summaries, just read it!' If you can write a story I'm sure you can write what it's about as well.]
Disclaimer: [just state that you don't own them and all that]
Comments: [have anything else to say?]

Your friendly mods are:

Reppy [reppy_ninja] and Korbin [gremlin4]

Creator and ex-mod: yougenkyou

If you have any questions or anything, you can contact either mod through LJ private messages.

Have fun! :D



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